10 Ways To Be More Mindful At Work

10 Ways to be more Mindful AND Productive at Work Be consciously present This means to be present in whatever you’re doing, whether you consider it important or not. Use Short Mindful Exercises at Work Connect with one of your senses. No need to close your eyes or meditate. Breathe. Be a Single-Tasker In [...]

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What Is Hyperhidrosis? Hyperhidrosis is a common disorder where the person is subjected to excessive sweating in many parts of the body. Contrary to belief, this is not more common in either males or females. It affects so many people in different ways. The Many Forms: Armpit Sweating Excessive Face Sweating Sweaty Palms Night [...]

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Stress & Your Body

Your Body and Stress Let’s face it, we can’t avoid stress no matter what we do in life. It’s just part of overcoming obstacles and achieving our goals. But, when stress becomes unmanageable, it can compromise our health. The Brain Under stress, the hypothalamus signals the ANS and the pituitary gland to release cortisol [...]

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Overeating at Christmas

Overeating - Don't Save It all For Christmas Day! It’s Christmas time. There’s lot’s of reason for celebrations. Eat, Drink and be Merry…. Even before Christmas Day, it seems we are already feeling stuffed from all the Festive feasts. Let’s be honest, all of the “enjoyment” can’t be good for our digestive system. The [...]

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What is the PRP Vampire Facelift?

We’ve all seen the pictures of Kim Kardashian with blood all over her face, and declaring the PRP Vampire Facelift as one of the best things she does. It’s definitely not as scary as it looks. It’s quite the opposite, it’s amazing what our bodies can do. Our own blood is super rich [...]

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